Earthquake Relief Fund Nepal

Nepali Ghar along with “Rocky Mountain friends of Nepal” and “Colorado Singh Sabha” of Colorado jointly handed over $ 25,017.00 to Prime Minister Relief Fund of Nepal through His excellency Dr. Arjun Karki, Nepalese Ambassador to USA. The fund was collected within Nepalese community in Colorado to support victims of devastated earthquake and to rebuilt Nepal.

During the ceremony, his excellency Dr. Arjun Karki thanked all the Nepalese community residing in Colorado for providing generous support and solidarity  towards earthquake victims of Nepal. He also expressed special thanks to “Colorado Singh Sabha” for their outstanding and invaluable effort to help to rebuilt Nepal after massive devastation.





“We know that nothing can take away the grief of those affected by massive tragedy. We also know that Nepali People have a history of rising to meet great humanitarian challenges and providing hope to suffering human being. Lets help and support with our great enthusiasm and show assurance to all the Nepali people that they will survive and lift up by the great tragedy” – Colorado Singh Sabha.


Author: NepaliGhar

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