Community Contribution to Sona Shrestha

It is so unfortunate when it happens to our community specially to those who is a good Samaritan trying to help other on a road side crash scene. Sona Shrestha, who witnessed the horrible accident infront of her car, rushed to help and comfort the other driver was hit by another Drunk Driver resulting her to end up on the hospital with fatal pelvic and back injury. Sona is also suffered with multiple fractures and with partially collapsed lung and bruised to her entire body. She is undergoing intensive treatment in the hospital only because of the ignorance and recklessness of a Drunk Driver.

We as a community having a long history of helping each other on a dire situation, please join our hands together once again to support and comfort Ms Sona Shrestha by generously donating or at least providing some help for her speedy recovery and to help her family to contribute on their sky-rocketing financial responsibly.

Nepali Ghar would like to request all the Nepalese community member to contribute any amount they can to help Sona’s family in this difficult time of need and ease their burden even just a little bit.

Help her through GoFundme


Author: NepaliGhar

Non Profit Organization

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