Nepal Flood Victim Relief Fund – 2017

The incessant rain has flooded hundreds of villages in Nepal, leaving 128 dead and 100 thousand people displaced with severe shortages of food, drinking water and shelters. More than 48,000 homes have been submerged by rising waters and some 80 percent of the crops have been damaged.

The reliefs supplies were being mobilized and rescue team were deployed to help the people in need. However, food shortages and the epidemic disease caused by polluted flood waters is increasing concern to the victims. This is fast becoming one of the most serious humanitarian crises in Nepal and we fear the humanitarian crisis will get worse in the days and weeks ahead.

To address this divested humanitarian crisis, as like other Nepalese community in Colorado, Nepali Ghar has projected to raise minimum $10,000 funding to support and to help resettle the livelihood of flood victims.

Nepali Ghar invites you to get involved and volunteer yourself to help raising the fund. The volunteers of Nepali Ghar will personally reach out to you and your community to seek for your generous support and donations so that relief could be provided to displace families as quicker as we can. We pledge to use all of the collected funds for the maximum benefit of flood survivors and maintain transparency with all of our donors.

Coloradans raised almost $ 45,000.00 to support relief and reconstruction for the 2015 earthquake. We will respond again and show our generosity to support the recent flood victims of Nepal.

Your support is key to accomplish this noble cause and we thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Nepal Army Rescue Mission – Kulari Saptari
Rescue Worker helping old man -Sakarpura, Saptari
Flooded Street in Patan
Man Carrying Livestocks in Saptari – Nepal
People in dire-stairs to save Livestock in Birgunj Parsa – Nepal
Struggling for Clean Drinking Water in Janakpur, Nepal
Girl Trying to save remaining cooking pots and a chair
Women trying to gather firewood for cooking – Ghoghanpur, Saptari
Biratnagar Airport covered with Flooded Water


Author: NepaliGhar

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