Executive Committee 2017-19

Election Commission has announced Nine new elected members of Executive Committee for the year 2017 – 2019 . The full board meeting of elected committee held on 9/8/2017 has approved to extended their committee by adding  another 9 members to fulfill the vacant positions.  As of 9/10/2017 the Executive Committee was formed with the following 18 members.

  1.  Mr. Lachhuman Rana, President (Elected)
  2.  Mr. Natibabu Bhatta, Vice President (Elected)
  3.  Mr. Kumar Jung Karki, Vice President (Elected)
  4.  Mr. Nirmal H Shrestha, General Secretary (Elected)
  5.  Mr. Jagdish Chandra Dhakal, Treasurer (Nominated)
  6.  Mr. Upendra Rizal, Public Relation Officer (Elected) 
  7.  Mr. Bikal Parajuli, Communications Officer (Nominated)
  8.  Mr  Dinesh Karki, Cultural and Event Officer (Nominated)
  9.  Mr. Raj Dhungana, Board of Directors (Elected)
  10.   Mr. Arjun Kumar KC, Board of Directors (Elected)
  11.  Mr. Yograj Gautam, Board of Directors (Past President)
  12.  Mr. Uttam Rai, Board of Directors (Nominated)
  13.  Mr. Pramod Shrestha, Board of Directors (Nominated)
  14.  Mr. Heman Rai, Board of Directors (Nominated)
  15.  Mr. Sital Sharma, Board of Directors (Nominated)
  16.  Mr. Krishna Prasad Adhikari, Board of Directors (Nominated)
  17.  Mr. Sanjay Singh K.C, Board of Directors (Nominated)
  18.  Mr. Nawaraj Maraseni, Board of Directors (Nominated)
  19.  Mr. Joshan Shrestha, Board of Directors (Nominated)

The executive committee has also approved to appoint  Mr. Narayan Shrestha, past president and Mr. Mohan Raj Mishra, past vice-president for the year 2011-2015 to the Advisory committee.

Newly formed executive committee is continuously working-on to expand executive committee by appointing new members to fulfill empty positions to build up a full-fledged governing body as suggested by the organization constitution.