Scholarship Award 2016

The first scholarship award program was announced by Nepali Ghar to provide $ 1000 each for two extra ordinary students to financially support their first year of college. Scholarship were awarded to two Nepalese Students who is perusing their further college study to achieve academic dreams. Scholarships were awarded based on Scholarship Committee review recommendations on the basis of a competitive process that may consider financial need, academic achievement, and demonstrated volunteer commitment in the community. The Scholarship committee has also announced additional $ 500 to five other graduates to encourage their academic achievements.

Congratulations to the winner of scholarship – class of 2016 !

  1. Abriti Shrestha, Longmont – (Winner: $ 1,000)
  2. Nikita Baral, Denver – (Winner: $ 1,000)
  3. Rashib Basnet, Aurora – (Winner: $ 500)
  4. Raksha Shrestha, Aurora – (Winner: $ 500)
  5.  Kushalta Subedi, Boulder – (Winner: $ 500)
  6. Salina Rana, Boulder – (Winner: $ 500)
  7.  Rajat Shrestha, Longmont – (Winner: $ 500)

The scholarship will be applied to tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment required for full time course for Colleges in the United States. After a great success of First Scholarship program, Nepali Ghar has declared to continue this noble mission to many more years to come.


The winners were announced by the following expert members of scholarship review committee :

  1.  Yograj Gautam
  2.  Pramod Shrestha
  3.  Nirmal H Shrestha
  4.  Uttam Rai