Nomination received as of midnight of August 18, 2019

Nepali Ghar Election Commission have received the nomination forms for the following members positions:

President                    Mr. Lachhuman Rana

Vice Presidents         Mr. Jagadish Dhakal

                                    Mr. Nawaraj Maraseni

                                    Mr. Sanjay Singh KC

Candidate nomination for the following positions has not been received till mid night of 18 August 2019:

  • General Secretary (1)        
  • Treasurer (1)                         
  • Public Relation officer (1)
  • IT Officer (1)                     
  • Communication Officer (1)
  • Culture and Event Officer (1)
  • Resources and Facility Officer (1)
  • Women Representative (1)
  • Student Representative (1)
  • Board of Members (10)

Note: Candidates willing to withdraw their nomination or members having any complaints against the nominees for the following positions: President and Vice-President can do so no later than mid night August 22, 2019. Complaint can be sent to Election commission through email