Election Process

Nepal America Sociocultural Exchange Society, Inc (Nepali Ghar), Denver, CO is holding a general election every 2 years for executive officer and Board of Directors (BOD) positions. Nepali Ghar wants to ensure that election process is held fairly  and professionally  and requests all members,  executives  and directors of the Nepali Ghar to carefully  read enclosed document in its entirety  and anticipates  your extended support and encourages your participation.

Executive Positions:

  1.  President
  2.  Vice -President
  3.  Secretary
  4.  Treasurer
  5.  Public Relations Officer
  6.  Resources and Facility Officer
  7.  Technical Officer
  8.  Communication Officer
  9.  Cultural and Even Officer

BOD Positions:

  1.  Woman Rep representative
  2.  Student Rep representative
  3.  Regional Rep representative (5 numbers)