Election commission 2019 formed

The Election commission 2019 has been formed as per Nepali Ghar Bylaws, Article X and the full board meeting dated June 5, 2019. Following individuals has been appointed as the Election Committee members to elect the new Board Members and Executive Members of Nepali Ghar for 2019-2021.

  1. Dr. Sangeeta Shrotriya, Coordinator
  2. Mr. Basudev Dahal, Member
  3. Mr. Bhusan L. Shrestha, Member

The Election committee will be effective immediately and the Election Committee will be dissolved automatically at the inception of the new Executive Committee.

The Election Committee will complete the election by 4th week of July 2019. The Election Committee will publish election rules and procedures as needed. The election process notification may state the nomination process, set the dateline for nomination and withdrawals, specify voter eligibility and ultimately provide the date and location of election.