Special Committee

Nepal America Sociocultural Exchange Society, Inc, USA (Nepali Ghar) creates connection that strengthen the power of community members and communities. Our Mission to establish Nepalese Community Center called “NEPALI GHAR” is underway under the leadership of Dr.Sudeep Pyakuryal, coordinator for special committee to build community center. Initial design and thought process has been completed. The team is currently focusing on fund raising opportunities, cultivate other community leaders to build community capacity in order to successfully pursue our mission.

Members of Special Committee to establish “Nepali Ghar”

  1. Dr. Sudeep Pyakuryal (Coordinator)
  2. Mr. Narayan Shrestha (Member)
  3. Mr. Mohan Raj Mishra (Member)
  4. Mr. Ajay Pradhan (Member)
  5. Mr. Sushil Tripathi (Member)
  6. Mr. Raju Sitaula (Member)
  7. Dr. Sangeeta Shrotriya (Member)