Scholarship Award-2017

After a huge success of high school scholarship program for the class of 2016, Nepali Ghar continued its legacy program to a second year. Nepali Ghar envisioned and established this scholarship program to provide $ 1000 each for two extra ordinary students to financially support their first year of college. Scholarships were awarded to two Nepalese students who are perusing their further college study to achieve academic dreams.

Scholarships were awarded based on Scholarship Committee review recommendations on the basis of a competitive process that may consider academic achievement, essay writing skills and demonstration of their volunteer commitment in the community.

All the scholarship recipients attended the Scholarship Awards Ceremony, held on Sunday, August 13, 2017 in Mini India Restaurant, Westminister. This joyous occasion was a time for the donors, scholarship recipients, proud parents and community members to come together to recognize the achievements of the students and to thank the donors for their philanthropy.

This year’s two scholarship recipients and other scholarship applicants were honored at a special ceremony on the day by NepaliGhar’s executive team and the program was MC’ed by previous years scholarship winner Mr. Rashib Basnet.

Our scholarship donors include private individuals, local businesses, corporations and founders – all of whom are committed to making an education affordable within Nepalese community students.

Congratulations to the winner of scholarship – class of 2017!

  1. Sudakshina Bhatta
  2. Atul Dhungel

The winners were announced by the following expert members of scholarship review committee:

  1. Yograj Gautam
  2. Pramod Shrestha
  3. Nirmal H Shrestha
  4. Uttam Rai